Expanding RollDex's Decentralized Exchange Network

RollDex strives to offer users the broadest selection of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) available. By integrating more DEXs, RollDex can present users with expanded trading choices, improved liquidity, and reduced trading costs. This is achieved by building bridges with various DEXs' smart contracts. Plus, RollDex assures the safety and dependability of any new DEXs we incorporate, eliminating any potential risks for users.

RollDex V3 - AI-Driven Gas Optimization Algorithm

Gas fees on decentralized exchanges can pose a significant entry barrier for numerous users. RollDex V3 will introduce an AI-driven gas optimization algorithm to aid users in minimizing their gas fees by selecting the most economical transaction route. Through gas fee optimization, RollDex aims to deliver a more cost-effective trading experience.

RollDex V4 - Perpetual Futures with Staking

RollDex V4 will introduce a feature allowing users to trade perpetual futures contracts while staking tokens. Token staking enables users to earn rewards whilst bolstering the platform's liquidity.

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