Optimizing value

RollDex secures the most competitive exchange rates

RollDex is a versatile platform that fuses two potent methods - DEX aggregation and on-chain arbitrage - to streamline cryptocurrency transactions. DEX aggregation signifies that RollDex dissects a sizable trade into smaller segments and transacts them across multiple decentralized exchanges concurrently to mitigate the overall adverse price impact, known as slippage.

Beyond aggregation, RollDex also considers the price oscillations of Ethereum token (ETH). By doing this, it can spot arbitrage possibilities for other tokens that can be traded both for ETH and stablecoins across two distinct pools. Consequently, RollDex not only consolidates trades across various DEXs but also garners arbitrage earnings by trading other tokens between pools with stablecoins and native chain tokens.

This novel approach to cryptocurrency trading is illustrated in a figure, exemplifying the potential to maximize gains through the combination of DEX aggregation and on-chain arbitrage.

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