How to use RollDex

Follow simple steps 1-5 to make an exchange via RollDex


To utilize RollDex Exchange, you need to have a Web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, TrustWallet, DEFI Wallet, Coin98, and others.

🖥️ If you use desktop, your Web 3 wallet should be installed as a browser extension, for example, MetaMask extension for Chrome browser:

📱If you want to use RollDex on your mobile device, you need to open RollDex website in the browser inside the Wallet app, not your typical mobile web-browser. For example, first open MetaMask mobile app, then use MetaMask's browser to access RollDex.

Connect Wallet

Click on Connect wallet button - the blue button on the right side.

Once the wallet is connected, the button color changes to green.

Select Network

RollDex works exclusively on Scroll:

To add Scroll to your Metamask wallet open Networks menu and add the following network (testnet)

Chose Tokens

For example, if you want to buy Bitcoin for USDT, select USDT in the From field and WBTC in the To field

In the From field enter the USDT amount for which you want to purchase Bitcoin

The To field will show you the amount of Bitcoin you are going to purchase.

Confirm Transaction

To make any exchange transaction via RollDex you need some amount of native chain tokens to pay for gas fees.

If you happy with the amount of tokens you are going to purchase, press the Swap button

And confirm the transaction in your wallet

Wait until your transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

✅ Done

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